Remember when you were a kid and summer vacations meant the world to you? There was a point in the not so distant past when summer was actually a time to relax and unwind, after the long year of hard work. But, is that true for you even today? In a fast-paced world where coming first means everything- first to submit your work, first to finish your quota of sales, first to office and so on, how does one find time to relax? And no, merely taking a day off or a weekend off here and there does not really do the trick. In order for you to continue to function optimally, it is necessary for you to take a full-fledged break from your work, no matter how strenuous and demanding it is.

It has been found that recuperating plays a key role in the performance of an individual. Not allowing your mind and body to recover from the hard work that is constantly being done, could lead you to crash and ultimately end up burning out, a concept we discussed earlier here. This time of the year is perfect for you to take that well-earned vacation with your family and loved ones. You don’t have to travel to a place that is far away and exotic, just somewhere that you can loosen up and spend some time with yourself. This is one of the most important things that you should do in order to feel rejuvenated. Taking a vacation is not just for fun, it really does help you recover and feel refreshed.

However, the whole purpose of a summer ‘vacation’ as such is completely defeated if you feel obligated to not only carry your work with you but also obsessively check your emails and respond to them every half an hour. This is’t really relaxing then, is it? Think about it like this. Your mind and body are like parts of your own internal laptop. If you continuously use them without giving them some downtime, they are going to overheat and eventually go kaputt. On the other hand, putting them to sleep (in other words, turning your attention to something other than work) will allow them to work to maximum potential when restarted. You don’t need to completely cut work out of your life for the time that you are on vacation, you do however need to limit the amount of time you spend on it. Introspection on your vacation can help you better yourself to become more balanced and more efficient. Here, mindfulness can be of huge help when it comes to helping you make the right decisions. Paying attention to what is happening in the moment and viewing the outcome of the situation as being within your control will allow you to make your decisions in a calm manner.

There are any number of activities you can be a part of to relax, whether that is with a group of people or by yourself. From reading a book and swimming, to maybe exploring new types of food or participating in adventure sports, you have more than enough options to choose from. The first choice you have to make is deciding to give yourself that time and that space to kick back, recover, and come back as good as new!