As days at work inch towards the end, do you sometimes find yourself swamped? The answer to your quandary is using your time better.

When we compare ourselves to our peers at work, we often see that skills and expertise intersect at certain points. This allows the creation of a seamless co-working space, where colleagues fill in the cracks for one another. Imagine being pitted against your equally skilled colleagues in a race for time. Even though skills are seemingly matched, some finish tasks at much higher speeds. What is it that makes the difference here?

Manage time. You'll get the best out of your work day. Image: Marco Verch

Image: Marco Verch

The management of time in an efficient manner is what creates the bridge. When we learn to effectively use the time at hand, we understand and deeply process what is exactly required for the tasks ahead of us.

When we get to work, we often jump right into the various errands we need to complete throughout the day. The world is fast paced, but sitting down and putting more thought into what exactly your agenda for the day is a key to higher efficiency.

Chalking out a Schedule:

Sit down and to chalk out a schedule before you start your coffee activated 8 hour stint. Deconstruct the tasks at hand, and estimate the number of hours needed to complete each of these sub-tasks. For a copywriter, for example, 20 minutes of research, an hour of reading and another hour and a half of writing could produce good internet copy. Here research, reading and writing are the sub-tasks to complete.

Image: John Schultz

Image: John Schultz

Thus, by gauging how long we need to do something, we can estimate the level of work we can handle on a typical work-day. Being efficient means completing a task well in a reasonable period of time. It doesn’t mean merely being fast. Understanding this simple delineation can help us put our best foot forward at any-5 stint.