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Moving to a new city can by a scary and an anxiety provoking experience. Especially if it’s your first time. Unfamiliarity may be one of the bigger reasons as to why it is a difficult thing to do. We Humans, feel safe and content when we are in the familiar. When our family and friends are around, when you know the roads, the country, the language. Imagine when all of this changes and all of a sudden you are in the unknown.


Why is it scary to move to a new city


Whether you are moving to study, or in order for work, it is always difficult in the beginning. Because after the initial excitement and rush of exploring this new world all by yourself fades away. You find yourself to be alone, missing home and the people you love. Missing the familiar that you once had, seeing them move on in life, and have fun without you can also be difficult. Especially when you are trying to make connections and new friendships.




Responsibility is another aspect of the coin that can make one anxious. You’ve all you got. To take care of yourself, pay your bills, etc. It can be a little overwhelming. Research from Evolutionary Psychology tells us that fear is an inherent emotion that humans feel when they are in uncomfortable or alarmingly new places and situations. This Emotion of Fear actually Helps! As it propels us to do better, cope with stress well.

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