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Your Alarm rings every day but Today it’s different.
It’s Valentine’s week and it’s just an awful reminder of how lonely you are! All you see is love blooming around you. Right from the gift Shop to love songs playing on the radio. Everyone wishes to have someone to make themselves feel special.


Are you feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day?
Is your Valentine’s Day about not having a date or anything to do?

It can get hard to survive when any of this sounds familiar.

Have you thought of making yourself feel special this time?

Do you know St Valentine was single himself? Channel your energy into something positive and celebrate! As Valentine’s is for singles too. Treat yourself because you deserve it!

If you are snuggled up in bed and upset about yourself then get up right now! It’s time to take a chance and be willing to try something new!

You are wasting your time right now being sad or complaining, instead, you could spend the day doing something you like. Be your own valentine and don’t let your day get wasted.

If you currently don’t have a partner then it doesn’t mean that you are unloved or not special. Don’t let something like this shake your self-confidence, it’s just you haven’t found the suitable person yet.

Following are some ways to beat the loneliness, celebrate love while you are single!

1) Make your Best Friend your Valentine!


A friend is someone who is there with us through our crush phase to break up phase. They are the ones who listen to our problems zillion time, even if we talk about the same things again and again. Make them feel special by sharing your feelings and showing gratitude, that how lucky you are to have them.

2) Celebrate Yourself!


Sooner or later you will celebrate Valentine’s with your partner so why not celebrate this day differently. Take care of yourself and do everything that you love. Pamper yourself and see how good you’ll feel about yourself at the end of the day!

3) Focus on what matters!


Focus on what brings you up and in being realistic. Introspect and write down your goals which you want to achieve in life. Share them with your family and friends who can chase your sad feelings away.

4) Be Here now!


Let go of the resentments of yesterday and face your demons. This will help you to be available in a fresh relationship and give you clearer perception of the future. Be a good companion to yourself by being in the present moment. Perhaps, this may help you find your new crush or partner for next year!

If you are still holding yourself back, speak to a Psychologist here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!