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Do you feel that at times, it gets very difficult for you to control your anger? There is a sudden emotional outburst that happens and it gets difficult for you to reason out the core reason as to why you behaved in that particular way….

Low Frustration Tolerance (LFT) is the inability to tolerate uncomfortable situations. The person feels that all what he dislikes or makes him uncomfortable should end quickly or else it gives a lot of emotional disturbance. The main reason for LFT is the crippling power of negativity. It bogs you down and you feel skeptical about everything you do leading to a lot of anger and discomfort. We have a lot of expectations from ourselves, people and the world. But not all expectations can be met.  We set goals for ourselves that might not be very achievable or we start to expect something exorbitant from our partners which may be our partners are not aware of. When these expectations become unrealistic, it causes a lot a distress. As mentioned, it is not always possible to complete every task that we give ourselves. We start blaming or criticizing ourselves for not being able to complete the task and as a result start to feel worthless. We start manifesting these behaviors in our daily lives as a way of venting out the emotions.

Relationships: A lot of people resort to domestic violence or abuse with their partners if they feel that their needs are not being met. Not all people abuse their partners physically. The other ways they would show their frustration would be by fighting with or getting annoyed with their partner over petty issues. They find this as an outlet to get rid of the discomfort.

Addiction: Addiction is one of the most easiest ways that people choose to comfort themselves. The intoxication may seem like an alternative to not think about the problem and avoid it altogether.

Workplace: The person may not be able to give his 100% in any thing he does. He may not be able to complete the deadlines on time and might get intimidated with the smallest of challenges.

Self-harm: The person may feel that ending one’s life would take him away from all the pain and discomfort that he or she may be facing and would try to make attempts for the same.

Psychotherapy can be very effective in LFT.  It helps the clients to recognize, accept and fully experience the angry emotions and learn to express them when appropriate.


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