Here are some tips to Ace Social Interactions this Festive Season:



Greetings are the easiest and most effortless ways of beginning a social interaction. Keep your Greeting effective and time and person appropriate. Make sure that your greeting is cheerful, you are audible, and take care of your body language and facial Expressions. Smile, make eye contact and keep your arms and legs open, and not crossed. This is the perfect way of opening a conversation!


Listening is probably one of the most under-appreciated social skills. People are often centered on themselves. One useful way is to just forget about yourself. Focus your attention outward instead of inward in a conversation. Place the mental focus on the person you are talking and listening to instead of yourself. Placing the focus outside of yourself makes you less self-centred.

If you start to actually listen to what people are saying it also becomes easier to find potential paths in the conversation. By asking open-ended questions – the ones that will give you more than a yes or no answer – you can explore these paths and have better and more fun conversations.


“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
Carl W. Buechner

The words you use are just a small part of communication. How you use your tone of voice and your body language is over 90 percent of what you are communicating. When you, for instance, are listening, you can lean in and keep eye contact to reinforce that you are actually listening. If you keep your body language interested you’ll also be able to keep your focus and interest longer. Create an “understanding” in a non-verbal way by mirroring the other person’s body attitude. Using this principle can be very useful because it will make relating much easier.


Now, what I mean with adopting a positive attitude is choosing to stay positive regardless of your external circumstances. You may not be able to do this all the time, but being positive is a habit just like eating well or doing your daily exercise. It can be hard to get started and slow going at first. But when your mind gets used to this new behavior it becomes almost automatic. Your mind just starts to interpret reality in a different way than it did before. We have written a blog on How to think more Positively , read to know more about developing a Positive Attitude.


The Festive Season is all about meeting Relatives and Friends and Catching up, so have Fun!

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