A new beginning is something we often fear; but rock bottom can be a beautiful start.

Do you often think that you need to start over because things don’t seem right in your life? Maybe you need the courage to create that blank slate once again! We often tend to think that therapy enables us to get rid of all the ‘crazy’ in our minds. However, in truth, therapy, as we’ve discussed before, can even streamline the tiniest impediments we find hard to place, to make us more well-rounded individuals.Therapy isn’t only about intense mental rehabilitation. It also deals with the finer aspects of our character that we sometimes overlook. On the day of the festival of new beginnings, what better to talk about than how talking to someone can help you make a fresh start? Ganesha is often considered to be the Lord of overcoming obstacles. Well, we think that he could be a psychologist.

Image: Favim

Image: Favim

When we go to a counselor, what is it what we do exactly? We sit down in a comfortable environment to have a conversation that isn’t filtered by social expectation or judgment. The unfiltered nature of these interactions is what gives us a deeper insight and an ability to look inward seamlessly and easily. When we start to understand that tracking the way we ourselves think, it helps us make changes for the better within ourselves. When we sit day in and day out to hear how other people are able to pinpoint our thoughts, we also catch on to the rhythm that our mind works on.

In a way, therapy opens up new avenues for us in the domains of behavior and personality. Once we talk to someone who is able to pinpoint our beliefs, our attributions, and the way we tend to process things around us, we begin to apply the same frameworks independently to ourselves. A person receiving Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy is told about his irrational beliefs in a gradual, progressive manner by a therapist, and he learns to apply these contexts to himself.

This is how therapy can help establish the commencement of new beginnings. Once we tune into the stream of our own thoughts, we become aware of where we start to go wrong. Suppose you’ve baked a cake for your other half, and they refuse to eat it. You might think to yourself that the person hates your cooking, and hence politely refused; but do you know for sure? Have you asked and found out? Maybe the person just wasn’t hungry at that point of time. Believing the worst and putting situations in a negative light is one form of manipulation our brain often puts us through, because we all get worried easily.


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When we’re able to pinpoint these thoughts and say, ‘No! It’s time I give up thinking like this and make a new beginning!’ it means that we’ve managed to understand how the way we frame situations affects the way we process them and react to them. So, make a new beginning this Ganesh Chathurthi! If you’re feeling like your thoughts often get the best of you, why not come talk to us?