When Rajat Kapoor tweeted that the actual Dhoni looks much better than the actor playing it, everyone including some of Rajat’s fans also agreed that it was nasty. But what took the cake was the way Sushant Singh Rajput replied. He said that he has compensated for his looks by his acting and Rajat should definitely give it a watch

The praise is great for Sushant Singh Rajput because he gave it back to Rajat Kapoor in the kindest way possible. He did what is the most effective way to come back at someone – to take their feedback into account but still let them know that you have opinions.

sushant singh rajput

Some pointers you could use to respond like Sushant Singh Rajput:

Be it with family, boss, colleagues or friends, the following tips will help you to reply with kind and respectful comebacks:

  • Agree with what’s true, not with the negative judgment – This is what Sushant Singh Rajput did. He did not argue with Rajat Kapoor about his looks being better or worse than Dhoni. Rather he focused on having worked hard at his acting. Similarly, whenever someone says something to you, you can agree to the truth in it, without going ahead with the negative judgment.
  • Respond to the feeling and not to the content – If someone tells you that they were upset with you, using sarcastic language, you can reply to the upset feeling. “I understand that I upset you and I’m sorry. what can I do better?”
  • Disagree with the person but respect their viewpoint – Don’t try to challenge them or tell them what they think is wrong. Rather, just tell them you think differently.
  • State clearly what’s upsetting you – “That was a mean thing to say” or “Talking like that is upsetting to me”.
  • Offer the person another way to phrase what he said -“I don’t mind if you call me sensitive. That’s true. It’s when you call me overly sensitive that it feels like a putdown.”

These tips can help you come up with effective comebacks without disrespecting the person you were speaking to. Would you like to talk to a counselor about your social skills or emotional stress? Start your free chat here!

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