Simone Arianne Biles has definitely made a benchmark in the 2016 Olympics. She is an American artistic gymnast. With the combined total of nineteen Olympic and world championship medals, Biles ranks as the most decorated gymnasts in the United States.

Apart from her mindboggling achievements at the Olympics, she is very much in news for her peppy chemistry with Zac Efron. Simone Biles has been very vocal about her long time celebrity crush on Zac Efron and she finally had her most awaited moment with the actor during the Rio Olympics. Biles have had a huge crush on him for years and she made it evident on the famous Ellen DeGeneres show. Ellen gave her a leotard which had Efron’s face on it, saying that this would definitely get his attention . It seems that it didn’t take a special leotard to make Efron sit up and take notice of Biles. Even before she won four golds and a bronze in Rio, he was already a fan of the superstar gymnast, and tweeted her a good luck message before the U.S. Olympic Trials.  Biles and Efron had conversations over twitter and hours after Biles claimed her fifth Olympic medal, Efron arrived in Rio to congratulate her.


SIMONE BILES-What is Celebrity Crush and how does it affect teenagers??

Celebrity crush is the one that shapes ideals and stirs fantasies, but usually there is no interpersonal contact to play them out. The theory behind this is that the person is projecting valued attributions onto another person. It is also said that identifying with a celebrity leads to positive self esteem and reinforces a feeling of belongingness. Psychologist Shira Gabriel from the University of Buffalo tried to understand the influence of celebrities by measuring it through a three-part experiment. She got hold of 348 college students, half of whom admitted to having a celebrity crush. She gave them questionnaires to establish each student’s normal range of self-esteem, and then made them write an essay about their favorite celebrity. This was then followed by another self-esteem test.

It was observed that the students who scored the lowest on the first round of self-esteem tests scored much higher after they wrote about their favorite celebrities. Gabriel pointed out that a little admiration for a celebrity can be good for a person because it establishes a feeling of community and belongingness. However, intense personal attitudes towards celebrities, reflect traits of neuroticism and exhibit borderline pathological behaviour.

To have a crush on a celebrity is perfectly normal but we need to keep a check if it is a normal development or a harmful derailment.

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