We don’t think twice to seek the help of a professional when we don’t feel well physically. Then why so we feel shy to approach a counsellor if we feel low emotionally? It may be due to our conclusion based on false facts or thinking about counselling. The common misconceptions are the following:

Counselling is only for ‘Mentally Ill’ People

You are wrong. Counselling can help people suffering mentally but it can also help to boost your emotional strength. This may help to tackle difficult situations and to take some hard decisions in life.

You Are Weak If You Seek Counseling

On the contrary it takes a fair amount of courage to face a problem rather than being scared of what others might think. Remember that the more you keep your feelings capped up, the more pain you may suffer at the cost of your emotional health.

Fear of Others Knowing About Your Problem

Know that whatever you discuss with your counsellor will be strictly confidential and your words will not ever go beyond the counselor. If you are afraid of being seen you can have an appointment through phone calls or text chats.

Costs are High

An average cost for an hour session of therapy is just about Rs. 1000 (roughly $15). Online counselling chats are even less, at half the rates.

Getting rid of these assumptions can help many people to move forward in their lives with a strong mind. Stop pretending to be strong and get help you think you deserve.