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Psychological concerns are faced due to various life stressors at an elderly stage of life. Stressors such as retirement, fall in income, lack of purpose in life, loss of status, physical illness or sensory deficit like vision or hearing. Psychologists work with elderly to deal with many life stressors that come with aging. Older people usually experience negative feelings like insecurity or sadness. These are brought on due to lack of communication, companionship and relationship with other people. Older people are highly vulnerable to feeling alone and sad.

Following are some reasons for psychological challenges which elderly faces:

Sudden Decline in health, makes it harder for them to get out and about.

As people grow old they are more likely to lose loved ones which may lead to loneliness.

Relocating to a new living situation may lead to adjustment issues.

Rethinking about past conflicts, losses and lack of acceptance leads to negative emotions.

Changes in physical appearance may be difficult for them to accept.

They might feel they have less to contribute due to their age and inability to do certain things.Thus, changes in roles or tasks that a young person can manage might make them feel not good enough.

These reasons may result in Psychological challenges like low self-esteem, loneliness, and bereavement.
Remember that psychological problems in the elderly don’t develop overnight. It is something that gradually develops.Many times it increases when the signs are unnoticed. If you are worried that you or your relative is at risk of any kind of psychological challenges, there are some signs you can look out for. Spotting the signs early will help you in getting the help and support as early as possible.

Signs to look out for are as follows:

Verbal cues

When you speak to your relative, they may mention about how they are feeling. hear them out. Their family member or a friend may mention about the signs to you. They may not even express verbally at times, at such instances try to read between the lines.

Changes in behavior

Look out for changes in their behavior. Psychological concerns may cause them to appear miserable, down or defeated. They may withdraw and stop engaging with others due to lack of social contact. They may talk a lot than usual when they have the opportunity especially when they feel lonely. So,certain situations become very overwhelming as an when they get to express. Apart from this, they experience boredom, irritation, increased frustration, self-doubts. Also,sense of worthlessness, lack of self-confidence, sorrow and disappointment along with anger guilt & anxiety.

Other signs are unexplainable health issues.They consciously or subconsciously complain about certain pain or illnesses as a way of getting extra attention.

Addressing the psychological challenges early will help in early assessment and recovery.If not then it may result in serious problems such as depression, alcoholism, malnutrition and other health problems.

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