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Life Partner


After Deepika Padukone spoke about her depression on national media, Karan Johar did so in his recent interview. He bared his heart out about his “darkest phase” of his life. Furthermore, in a recent interview, Karan Johar spoke about the time where all he felt was lonely and depressed. He spoke about his fear of not being able to find his life partner. He also spoke about the Anxiety and Fear he experienced during his depression phase, due to a lot of issues

Why is it that the quest for a life partner is so important to us human beings? Why does it weigh us down?


There is a strong biological need in humans, to mate and couple. Apart from that, Evolutionary Psychology tells us that men and women have different criteria for choosing mates or life partners. It’s also possible that we are unable to find the ideal life partner that we are looking for. There may be many reasons for this , such as:

We have very specific mate preferences.

We tend to rule out, all those who don’t fit our criteria. The evolution of homosexuality has always been a mystery as far as evolutionary psychology is concerned.  Many people that belong to sexual minorities are often forced to conceal their sexual orientation due to the very real fear of legal or religious persecution in some parts of the world.

Potential mates may simply not be available

This is a very real possibility. In countries, the male-female ratio is skewed. China, for example, has more males, than females. Hence many men are forced into bachelorhood. There may be a lack of a particular gender ratio due to other reasons such as culture, warfare, etc.

The society that we live in today, there is an added social pressure of finding a life partner. Such different factors together make us feel like we are missing out on something essential. This hampers our self-esteem and makes us question the choices that we make.

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