Parenthood is a difficult phase in all couple’s lives. All of a sudden all the focus shifts to a third entity, The baby. It takes up alot of time, effort, and energy to take care and nurture the child. As the child grows their demands get more varied and different. So how do you keep your romance alive even after having kids? Here are a few tips and insights to help you to keep your relationship/marriage strong even after babydom!

Marriage Kids

Small Habits make a Big Difference

Small Habits that often couples engage in even after a baby can go a long way in keeping their relationship satisfaction high. Some of these habits could be going to bed together and spending some time communicating with each other before falling asleep. Making sure that that particular time is a “baby free” time just dedicated to the couple. It could be a plus point to not discuss kids at that time. This also encourages open communication and gives a little “Couple time” window amidst the chaos of dealing with kids, chores and work.

Other similar habits such as planning date nights so that you can spend some quality time with each other. Or being genuinely nice to each other, showing affection, in forms of a hug, or physical touch through out the day, all these can lead you to a stronger relationship. Laughing together is another therapeutic thing couples can do together to make their marriage strong.

Choose Your Battles

Often after a kid, there may be a lot of difference of opinions regarding various decisions as well as parenting styles. In such times, arguments are bound to occur. It’s here important for you to choose your battles and decide upon the things that are worth arguing upon. If you’ll get into the habit of arguing and fighting about the smallest of matters. There is bound to be hostility and resentment. Which will automatically make your relationship weak and shaky.

Have your Own Life

Lastly, Have your own life. While having a family life, and “Couples Time” is important, it’s equally important to have some “me” time. So continue indulging in activities that make you happy. That could be taking up tennis again, Going for a spa, etc. Remember, If you’re wellbeing and self-satisfaction directly affects all your other relationships

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