We all feel a certain level of enthusiasm and mirth during the festive season. In countries such as India, where collectivist ideologies run supreme, it is but natural for a communal environment to perpetuate during the auspicious times of the year. Families unite to share joy and the ups and downs they face, and an atmosphere that dispels stress is created. It forms a protective bubble around us, which enables us to shield ourselves from the stressors we face through the course of our daily experiences. This feeling of ‘shelter’ arises from spending time with those who we’ve been familiar with literally since birth.¬†Family is always the go to for comfort, and the collectivistic ideology that out culture perpetuates makes the festive season one where we are enclosed in a safe haven where love and understanding flow in abundance.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Image: Wikimedia Commons

But, what about the slump that comes when the work week starts after a good break? When the bright lights and the festive food comes to a stand still, do we really feel up to it to get back into the daily grind? We know how it feels. The drive to get out of utopia and face the brunt of a packed week is something that is hard to siphon. However, we need to understand that everything is temporary. The festive season is just a little detour we get in order to reserve our energy so that we can get back to serving our own respective purposes.

When we get into holiday-mode, we need to understand that the fleeting time we get in this liminal space is meant for us to recharge, not merely revel in all the hedonistic pleasure we are given the opportunity to enjoy. When we get carried away by the little breaks we get throughout the year, we don’t learn the value of the time we get with family. It begins to turn into a ‘temporary fix’ we tend to misuse to merely overcome the stress we face on a daily basis.

ECARDThe key is to enter the festive season with one thing in mind; that this little break is a way to recharge your batteries. That the love you receive from your family is something that doesn’t only happen only during this period. ¬†When you think that it’s all over the minute the daily grind starts, well, that is definitely something that would lower your morale. When you’re able to revel in all the festivities and keep in mind that you’ll be fresh and ready for work the minute they end, it will definitely ensure that you’re not moping around when the time to get back to the grind finally comes. It is our beliefs about things that shape the way we react when they actually end up happening around us. When we believe that the festive season is like a utopia that idealizes our existence, our world begins to revolve around it. However, when we’re able to think rationally about how a little break can do much to recharge our batteries, it is more likely that we’ll be up and ready when it comes to a stand-still.

This Diwali, cherish the time you have with family, but remember that their love is always a stone’s throw away!