Many people tend to worry about the cost of professional counseling or therapy. They feel that they should not need to pay for something that is so internal to them. However, it has been proven time and again that we are so deeply attached to our problems that an external perspective is what helps us gain helpful thinking patterns again. If you are someone considering whether counseling or therapy is worth the cost, you may be interested to know the cost of other unhealthy coping mechanisms that people mostly use:

Drinking or Alcoholism to reduce stress:

Drinking is one of the most common ways with which people deal with stress and life circumstances that they can’t accept. As per this study, about 30 to 50% indians have alcohol use wih about 4% suffering serious problems due to it. A study in Delhi showed that a family with an alcoholic spends 14 times more money¬†¬†than a family without one. This could either be due to actual cost of buying alcohol, getting treatment for alcoholism, loss of employment and so on. This article can help you know more on how families suffer because of alcohol addiction.

alcohol abuse

Drug addiction:

Depending on where you are located in India, drugs may be cheap or expensive. Even for a moderate user, he/she may spend anywhere from 40 to 50% of their income on drugs, as per this study. Treatment costs for drug addiction are also high and may run into a hefty sum. Besides, India has more drug related suicides than those due to dowry, poverty or money issues. You can refer to the source of this and other compelling data here.

Anger on others:

Many people who cannot cope with their issues tend to displace their anger on others. This could take the form of domestic and family violence which is a problem in itself. Anger outbursts could mean that you lose your job, you lose the love of people around you and mostly, you damage your health.

Criminal behaviour:

Many people may also turn to criminal behaviour. This happens when their mental health problems are not managed. This study of prison inmates in India shows this. Many inmates have mental health problems like schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and so on.


When unable to deal with their problems, many people just give up. News reports suggests that India has one of the highest rates of suicide in the world.

Depression and other disorders:

Even if one doesn’t turn to suicide, crime, drugs or alcohol, unsolved mental health issues could lead to problems. Loss of sleep is often linked to mental health problems which can be easily managed with counseling and the huge financial costs associated with insomnia could be avoided. Similarly, depression leads to the largest number of loss of disability adjusted life years as explained here.


A healthier solution:

In comparison with these drastic methods with which people put up with mental distress, counseling definitely seems much more affordable. If you would like to know what exactly happens in counseling, you can check out our blog on talk therapy.

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