As a young person entering into college life, you are probably having many thoughts about what lies ahead and feeling excited about this fresh start. Young adulthood is already a time of transition that usually includes establishing a new identity and managing new emotions. Going to college presents even more change during this time, and that will require you to have a stronger ability to adapt.

Moving into a new environment and meeting new people means leaving everything that’s familiar.
For many students, entering college symbolizes the beginning of adulthood. The first-year student must become increasingly self-motivated and self-disciplined – learning how to manage time and finances, making decisions, balancing academic demands with social involvements, and coping with the stress of a new environment full of unknown people and expectations.

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Entering College life will also pose in front of you various dilemmas and experiences. Many such subjects such as use of drugs, romantic and sexual relationships are Grey Areas, where the lines between right and wrong are blurred. Therefore, along with your new found freedom, one must be aware of these blurred lines, and the risks that follow through with the decisions that one take.

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The advent of college life will also expose you to the prospects of Romantic and Sexual Relationships. Here, one must be careful about actually looking at romantic relationship partners, as a whole other person, and not just objects of satisfaction, or merely for climbing up the social ladder.
You will get to know the world both inside and outside of college. These college years pass so quick that you won’t even be able to notice. Before the best years of your life flow away, here are a few things you must definitely do during your college life:

1. Take part in college fests

College fests are a great platform to showcase your talent. Grab your guitar and hit the stage! Never miss an opportunity to take part in fests. College fests provide great exposure and you never know, you might turn into a star.

2. Write for the college journal

Writing for the college journal will help you keep a track of events happening in college. It will also help you in your skill development and of course you will be known for your articles in your college.

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3. Go for college excursions

Never miss on college trips because these trips will add up to your memories. You will get great opportunities to know your friends better. Also, you will get a chance to make new friends. Exploring a place with them gives a new definition to fun.

4. Do internships during college life

Yes, you read it right. Internships are very important during college. Internships help you in getting an idea of work life after college. It not only provides you work exposure but also grooms you in the field of professionalism.


5. Get your name on the notice board

Make your college years count as this is the time for your academic, social and professional growth. Have all the fun but don’t compromise with your studies at any cost. Work hard, seize all the opportunities and score well to let your name shine on the notice board.

6. Join college clubs

Joining clubs will definitely help you explore your interests. You will get to know what are you good at and at the same time get popular. Participating in such clubs not only helps you in conditioning your leadership qualities but also helps you getting a platform.

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7. And of course make a lot of friends!

College life is just like a candy shop. You will get to see a huge variety and it’s never too late to try every candy. During college you will meet n number of people. Socialize, talk to people and make a lot of friends. These years will give you some friends who will last forever. Never miss an opportunity to make friends because friends are the ones who will make your college life beautiful.

You may get overwhelmed with the college lifestyle. Learning to be independent, juggling your school work, and trying to adjust to the college system can be difficult. It’s okay to be overwhelmed, but know that you can always ask for help or advice! See a Counselor if you feel your class load might be too much to handle. You can also see if your school has any peer mentoring programs that could help you adjust to the college life!