One of the most upcoming trends in the world of technology is artificial intelligence. Even giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Google have started incorporating this technology in their different products. Most people today go to the internet for all their needs. These range from buying groceries and finding books, to even finding life partners. In today’s world, instant gratification is much sought after and the quick fixes of the digital world provide this. This heavy reliance on everything technology related has diminished the existence of real life, human interactions. This in turn has an adverse effect on the overall development of the individual and his or her personality.

While this may sound somewhat far-fetched, understanding the underlying components will make it clearer. In earlier times, there was constant human interaction. Whether it was playing with friends in the evening or travelling to visit friends and family, the physicality of the interaction was ever present. Today, the need for long distance travelling and even going out to play with friends has reduced quite drastically. People prefer instead, to game with their friends online. A simple Skype/Whatsapp video call eliminates the need for expensive, time consuming travel. While we all look at the comfort that technology has brought us, we are ignoring the ill-effects.

Constantly communicating on digital platforms reduces the ability and clarity with which individuals can communicate in real life. Their social skills and all round personality development become hampered because there is simply no learning taking place. For example, if you constantly expressed your feelings and emotions through emoji in conversations, how will you become adept at expressing these same feelings and emotions in real life? And this is just a small example. Take the example of learning words. Where children were earlier taught to go through a dictionary to find the meaning of a word, today a simple Google search will fulfill the same requirement. But, the latter requires no previous knowledge. Even if you do not know how to spell the word, Google’s artificial intelligence will give you different options that you can choose from to find your word.

The ability of a computer to replace the need for humans and still carry out actions in a very human manner is what has led to the growth of artificial intelligence. Things like playing chess against a computer is possible because the computer is able to think and predict moves like a human opponent would. Instead of calling up the representatives of a company, you can simply converse with a chat bot on the website and it will provide you with the answers you need. This slow yet sure alienation from other members of our own race is bound to have serious repercussions in the future. It is important to endeavor to keep the human interaction intact.