A startup always functions at ‘stretched capacities’. When team sizes run small, and the work to be done increases manifold, the rise in stress levels is something that can’t be helped. When the division of labor is diffused within a small group, it is but natural for responsibility per individual to be on the slightly higher side. Newly incepted institutions and corporate environments are going to have more responsibilities due to the young age of their establishments.

The analogy is quite simple, when there are fewer hands and stretched capacities, the expectations run on the higher side. However, there are a few things that can be kept in mind in order to combat these high stress levels. This is what we’re going to discuss today. Here’s our list of things you can do, in terms of alleviating stress and keeping healthy, that will equip you with the arms you need to deal with the daily battle against time in any startup environment.


Each day at work, we are bound to have a plethora of tasks presented to us for the day. When a heap of work has to be completed, we often muddle up tasks to be completed for the day, and tend to progress into a tizzy of stress. Any startup environment will probably require employees to have the ability to multi-task. However, there is an extent to which we can use the multiple skills we have towards completing means to an end.

Being in two places at the same time, or rather, mentally being at two places at the same time to complete different tasks is not a helpful scenario. Taking things task by task, and prioritizing within one’s mind is probably the best solution. Understanding what is the need of the hour is the best solution towards understanding what to tackle first.

Rid Yourself of a To-Do List

People often say that a to-do list works wonders towards reaching completion for a list of tasks. This holds true when there is a reasonable or small amount of work. Three items on a list for the work to be completed in a day don’t seem that daunting, but when the order of tasks be completed exceeds this rational amount and becomes larger and larger, a list seems pretty daunting. In this case, a to-do list can lead to heightened stress levels to complete the mountain of tasks presented to an individual. The best solution would be to mentally note or tackle things one by one, and make an ‘I did’ list instead, to offer yourself some positive reinforcement.

Keep Hydrated, Don’t Starve

We often see strung out employees smoking on hard cigarettes in between work-hours outside offices to let off some steam. It may help to ‘ease stress’, but what this habit may do to you is cut down your appetite. A healthy mind requires a healthy body, and cutting one’s desire to add nutrition to one’s work schedule is simply counterproductive to this notion.

if you’re a non-smoker, and you thrive on caffeine, make sure that you substitute it with a bowl of fruit, or something like juice or a smoothie, that will up your energy, but not get you hooked. Staying hydrated and snacking regularly during a 9 to 5 stint is something that can do wonders for productivity. If you ask us, we’re constantly munching on something at the Type a Thought office. It not only helps us look forward to a well-earned break, but also keeps us ready to deal with clients, and churn out content!

Following these tips will probably help to alleviate your stress in a hectic work environment. While this does apply largely to startups, we don’t discount that any established institution with a large workforce has large workloads to deal with too! Follow these tips during your 9 to 5, and you’ll probably avoid desiring to punch out early for the day.